Cannonballz - 8 Ballz 2 Many

Hardcover Digipak Limited Edition


Release Date: 10-05-2019

Artist: Cannonballz

Label: Melodic Rock Records

Genre: PROG / AOR

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Who are CANNONBALZ? Check this lineup for some of the best musicians on the planet!

Vocals - Robbie LaBlanc (Fury, Blanc Faces, Find Me, Solo)
Guitars - Alan Friedman (The Accounting Crows, Sessions, Solo)
Bass - Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Tackhead, Mick Jagger)
Keyboards - Vince DiCola (Transformers, Storming Heaven, Rocky IV, Staying Alive)
Drums & Percussion - Jonathan Mover (Marillion, The Tubes, GTR, Joe Satriani)

So what are this band of musicial icons doing together?
Only making one of the best AOR/rock/midwestern/pop records you’ll ever hear, that’s what!
There’s not one note out of place on this monster album - an eclectic mix of classic rock influences, with a level of musicianship completely off the scale.

Tucked in somewhere between the end of Blanc Faces and the start of Find Me was a project that Robbie thoroughly enjoyed called Cannonbalz. It was the dream of Robbie’s dear friend Alan Friedman that they lockout Steakhouse Studios in LA and write and record a CD of material with Vince Dicola on Keys and Jonathon Mover on drums. Doug Wimbish would add bass later on in the final process.
With everyone’s hectic schedule and “lifestuff” happening, the CD took 8 years to get out. Robbie lost his dad and “When I Think Of You” was written. (The song was written but it wasn’t until Robbie’s dad passed the song could be written lyrically).
Vince had some great song ideas as well and Alan brought in some ideas. They were all finished melodically and structurally during our three-day studio lockout. Jonathon then produced the rest of the CD and oversaw Fran Flannery’s mixing.
So, here it is, 8 years later and the songs are holding up well!
Alan Friedman: “The initial working title for the record was ‘Ballz To The Wall’. That being said, even though all of the songs were written and demoed back in August 2011 (that’s right, almost eight years ago!), life events beyond the band’s control (such as work, health and family challenges) caused this project to drag on for far too long.
Needless to say, the album stalled several times for various reasons, which brought me to the point of asking/enlisting Jonathan to step in as producer, take the reins, put all the pieces together and see it through to final mixes. As the album was finally nearing completion in 2018, I said to Jonathan, “I can’t believe this record is finally done,” to which Jonathan flippantly replied, “It would have been done a long time ago if there weren’t eight ballz too many. Which, by the way, is now the name of the record”, referring to the anatomical excess of four of the five musicians in the band. Never wanting to pass up a great self-deprecating joke, the new titlestuck.”
A little about The Ballz:
Vince DiCola exploded into the film arena in 1983 as co-writer on 7 songs for the movie Staying Alive (directed and written by Sylvester Stallone and starring John Travolta). The song "Far From Over" (performed by Frank Stallone) from this movie made it into the top 10 on the Billboard charts. Vince also scored such movies as Rocky IV and Transformers: The Movie. Solo albums, original bands, live performances, session work... With each new project Vince DiCola continues to demonstrate his powerful and creative force and versatility in the music world.
Robbie LaBlanc started singing at the age of three years old all because his dad brought in the new Trini Lopez record named “Live At PJ’s”. The record really got to him and then the Beatles came shortly thereafter. His brother Brian was right behind him and the duo started harmonizing immediately. After forming Fury, the band was on “Star Search” in 1984 (on the same show as Joseph Williams, Toto’s lead singer currently).
Fury then called it a day until Blanc Faces was formed on the direction of Brian’s wife Rosanne and Serafino Perugino, head of Frontiers records. Their two CD’s were widely accepted and brought Robbie the Find Me project, which is currently getting great reviews with their third release, ‘Angels in Blue’.
At first glance, guitarist and songwriter Alan Friedman is probably the last person you’d expect to be playing guitar on a stellar record of well-known accomplished musicians. That’s because his day gig is that of a CPA and Partner in a CPA firm that services the music industry (
But when you dig into his background, you’ll find Alan has been playing guitar and writing & recording original music for almost 50 years. He’s released five solo records (the latest one entitled ‘5th Piece of the Puzzle’) and has played in several rock bands throughout his music career. Most noteworthy are the accomplished musicians who’ve played on his records, including friends & clients Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimball, Pat Thrall, Corey Glover, Greg Phillinganes, Will Calhoun, Bernard Fowler, Jorgen Carlsson, Jeff Pevar, Josh Eagan, Joey Brasler, Dave Stoltz and Jimmy Biggins, in addition to Cannonballz members Jonathan Mover, Doug Wimbish, Vince DiCola and Robbie LaBlanc.
Yes, Alan was the magnet that attracted these great players to get together to form Cannonballz.


01. Sari 5:24
02. Never Giving Up 4:18
03. When I Think Of You 4:24
04. Justin Thyme 6:41
05. Heart Without A Soul 6:34
06. Sammy On The Wall 4:20
07. I’ll Take The Pain 5:02
08. Lost In Time 5:09
09. URanus? MYanus! 6:22
10. Tomorrow Never Knows 6:40

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